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A complete solution for Office Staff + Field Technician

Innovative Solutions for Field Service Business
Office Staff
Field Service Job or Work Order
Field Technician
Field Service Mobile Job or Work Order

A Field Service Software for Multi-Locations + Branches / Franchises

Innovative Solutions for Field Service Inventory Management
  • Branchwise Technicians / Employees
  • Branchwise Customers
  • Branchwise Invoices
  • Branchwise Quotations
  • Branchwise Jobs & WorkOrder Management
  • Consolidate Sales by Branches

ServiceFolder - Cloud Software

ServiceFolder frees businesses from paperwork to run a productive professional operation

Smart Scheduling

Easy Client Communication

Invoice & Quotes

Lead Management

Job Notes & Photos

Track Jobs & Work Orders

  • Technician assignment
  • Track Products sold/services for the job
  • Team Calendar at a glance
  • Advanced reports

Customer Equipment/Asset

  • Track the customer equipment
  • Track the Asset servicing schedule
  • Complete history of the equipment servicing

Google Maps

  • Track technician's locations
  • Ready customer address on Google Map

Automate SMS/Email

  • Schedule a notification to be sent to the customer or technician
  • Complete control on the date and time of the notification
  • Schedule using Mobile or Browser

Improve your Service Business with Field Service Management Software

Mobile App For Field Technicians
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Field Service Management App on Google Play
After Sales Process

After sales process is crucial and every business should have a effective job tracking and job scheduling software. Field Service Management Software enables for job scheduling, job tracking, service agreement management, invoicing, quotations in your organization. Increase the customer's loyalty with our ServiceFolder online and mobile application

QuickBooks Online Integrations

Invoicing and Accounting should be quick and error free. With our online job tracking software integrated with QuickBooks, you save time by avoiding the double entry and reduce errors. Customers and Items should be synced in and out of any Field Service Management along Inventory updates in multi-locations

Field Inventory Management

Inventory accuracy is higher when you use a software that handles Field Service inventory. Choose a software that handles multi-location inventory with detail reports at every location like inward stock, remaining balance.The Field Service Inventory management software enables inventory adjustments at every location whether it is due to expiry or leakage etc.

Effective entry of data

Job tracking mobile app records the latitude and longitude of every activity performed in the field by the field service operations teams. The job history and the customer history is readily seen on the browser by the office staff for next step like invoicing and receiving payments from the customer

High Customer Retention

By using a Service Management software like ServiceFloder, the customer retention will rise because of effectively tracking maintenance work orders and built in invoicing on the browser along with a job tracking mobile app for updating notes and uploading pictures and drawings int the field

Field Technician Mobile App - Job Tracking Mobile App

Update the Jobs status in the field

Realtime information sharing to backoffice managers

Show field persons appointments

Create Job in the field

The field Service Mobile app gives the flexibility to the field Service Engineer to create jobs. The engineer can also add customers and book new business to the company. The Field Service Mobile can also


Location Tracking in the field

The location tracking of the Field Service engineers provides distinct benefit for the office staff for scheduling the next work order. The office staff get a glimpse of the locations of the technicians along with there current address


Improve Performance

The field Service Mobile app gives the flexibility to the field Service Engineer to create jobs. The engineer can also add customers and book new business to the company. The Field Service Mobile can also records

  • Field Service Agent Mobile Overview
  • New Job on Field Service Mobile
  • Appointments Reports On Mobile App for agent
  • Tracking the Technicians location

ServiceFolder’s service inventory software help busy service organizations closely track warehouse and van truck parts inventory. ServiceFolder provides the critical information for office staff, technicians, managers and customers at the right time.

ServiceFolder’s streamlines the business operations from the client’s call through assigning, scheduling, guiding the field person to reach the client’s place on time and along with invoicing and completed job report

How ServiceFolder Works ?

  • Step 1
    Customer calls the agency and books the complaint. The back office registers the complaints in ServiceFolder
  • Step 2
    The back office assigns the job to the field service  technician based on the availability and his proximity to the clients locations
  • Step 3
    The field service technician receives an email or sms on the smart phone. ServiceFolder’s mobile app gives the complete details of the clients location and critical information about the job on the phone.
  • Step 4
    Field engineer visits the clients location. The field engineer adds notes and upload pictures and files of the job. The field engineer also records the parts and materials used for the completion of the job. Finally, he updates the status of the job to ‘Completed’
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Job Scheduling Software

Job Scheduler module will make it easy to plan and schedule Jobs based on the Field technicians availability. ServiceFolder provides three views for easy scheduling of work orders to field workers. The monthly, weekly and daily view helps in balancing the job scheduled to field service workers

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