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Field service scheduling is a critical component of any quality field service management software. ServiceFolder’s scheduling capabilities will save your employees time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for your entire field service company.

ServiceFolder’s scheduling functionality ensures that the best technicians are dispatched to customers at the right time. ServiceFolder also provides real-time updates on all scheduled work so your personnel will always have an understanding of what’s going on within your field service business.

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The Importance of Service Scheduling

To understand what scheduling software can do for your business, let's first take a moment to explore what the scheduling software for service technicians within ServiceFolder solves.

ServiceFolder is enterprise-level field service software that optimizes field service dispatch and logistics operations. Your employees will always have the latest information when they go to service customers.

Here's how ServiceFolder's service scheduling software can help you:

Optimize customer satisfaction with on-time service calls

Reduce costs by optimizing technician schedules for customer service calls

Increase service productivity by managing technicians’ scheduled service hours

ServiceFolder is the best service business scheduling software for your business. Sign up for free to find out how ServiceFolder can help you manage your field service operations even better!

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Field Service Scheduling Enhances Efficiency

Service business scheduling software ensures that your best technicians are dispatched to service customers at the right time. ServiceFolder also provides real-time updates on all service work so you always know what’s going on with your field service operations.

Structured Scheduling

Field service scheduling ensures that your customer services are on-time and efficient. By using ServiceFolder's services, you can optimize routing and tracking of technicians for all scheduled work. This will help your office staff always have the best information when they are trying to schedule more jobs throughout the day.

With structured scheduling in place, the field service scheduling software will increase productivity by managing your technicians’ scheduled services and workloads more efficiently.

Boost Team Morale

If you're trying to keep your field service technicians happy, you'll need scheduling software for service technicians. Our scheduling software for service technicians maximizes customer satisfaction with on-time service calls.

Our field service software will also reduce costs by optimizing the routing and tracking of your service technicians for services jobs. ServiceFolder is guaranteed to increase service productivity by managing users’ scheduled services hours and workloads more efficiently.

Real-Time Updates on Scheduled Work

ServiceFolder's field service scheduling provides real-time updates on all field service work so that your office staff always has the best information when they are trying to schedule more jobs throughout the day.

Track Field Service Work

ServiceFolder's service scheduling software allows for efficient tracking of field service work. This ensures that your team can be in constant contact with each other and the customers serviced by them.

Proper Planning

Some business owners do not realize the importance of planning. Planning is what guides any business so that it can succeed. Our field service scheduling software sets your team up to be successful in all areas of their operations.

Improper Planning Results:

  • - Struggling with Customer Needs
  • - Increased Costs
  • - Decreased Efficiency

Scheduling Simplified

Field service scheduling is made easier because ServiceFolder simplifies everything on one page, so your team will always have what they need to efficiently perform their service jobs.

Our simple field service scheduling software design will get your team exactly what they need at exactly the right time.

  • - Less Confusion & Errors
  • - Latest Information
  • - Unique Views

ServiceFolder is the best field service scheduling software because It’s free for 1 user!

Real-Time Field Service Updates

Whether you need a technician with specific skills or you just need a technician for an emergency job, ServiceFolder's field service scheduling software will always make sure you have the most up-to-date information when your team is put on the spot to perform.

Real time tracking for the service technician in the mobile scheduling software

Our Team Calendar Keeps Everyone Organized

With a team calendar, your services are managed more efficiently because the right technicians will be scheduled for services jobs. ServiceFolder's service scheduling software means that you'll never improperly schedule one technician for too many jobs in a day. This will boost sales, customer satisfaction, and morale.

Schedule for Your Busy Days

We know how hard it is to keep your service technicians on schedule when you have a lot of scheduled jobs coming in at one time. With ServiceFolder's field service scheduling software, the team will be able to see all that they are assigned to work on which allows them to do the jobs when they need to and at a much more efficient rate.

Mobile Appointment Access

ServiceFolder's field service scheduling software also provides mobile appointment access to your entire field technician team. This ensures that your technicians are never without the important information they need when on-site at a job. Everyone has a mobile phone, so it only makes sense that your field service management software should offer a mobile app. ServiceFolder's field service scheduling module is built with the ability to schedule and manage appointments on the go, anytime anywhere from any device including desktop computers, laptops, or tablets.

Creating a appointment in the Field Service Scheduling Mobile app

Service Scheduling Software Directly in Your Hands

Companies with our field service scheduling software will have a mobile app that can schedule future appointments and provide updates on existing ones

Field service companies no longer need to rely on their memory or written notes for reminders about what was scheduled with your clients

Companies will not have to worry about missing a scheduled appointment because they were unable to access the scheduling software that was on their dead laptop

The field service industry is constantly changing, so a field service company like yours needs to have access to tools that are always up-to-date with industry standards. Field service automation tools like our field service scheduling software are the key to your success.

ServiceFolder's service business scheduling software is designed for businesses of all sizes! It’s free for teams of three or less!

Interested In Inventory Management?

ServiceFolder doesn't just handle field service scheduling, we also have inventory management tools for your field service personnel. This will allow your team to plan their services and offer the correct inventory.

*Click here to learn more about how we can help your inventory tracking needs! *
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ServiceFolder's field service scheduling software free plan is perfect for small businesses with up to three people or less. It includes time tracking, scheduling, and mobile app features that make it one of the best mobile field service management software solutions for small businesses available. It is perfect for any small business company within the field service industry that wants to use technology to increase performance and productivity.