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Why start looking for a software providing branches and franchise features?

Business grow and as part of growing pains, software is vital to run and expand the business across multiple locations. ServiceFolder offers easy to expand solutions for Field Service companies. Franchisor will be given distinct permissions and at the same time the headoffice has complete view of the data.

What can ServiceFolder provide value Franchises/Branches?

Franchisor has a ready system operating in the cloud. Hence no initial setup cost for the franchisor.

ServiceFolder readily provides the following out-of-box features for the franchisor
  • Have their own Jobs and WorkOrder Management.
  • Have their own Users/Technicians.
  • Have their own Customers.
  • Have their own Inventory, opening stock quantity and balance.
  • Have their own Invoice numbering schemes.
  • Have their own Tax structure.
  • Have their own payment modes.
Management can easily switch between franchises based on the permissions

field service franchise software

Management can create a branch/franchise easily and ready to go

field service franchise software