Job Management

Job Management: Field Management software made easy

Managing a job manually is very challenging and stressful. Tracking what and when needs to be done and who is working on it can be a tedious job. Maintaining important notes out in the field cannot be an easy task, and in the day end, paperwork creates more duplicate works.

ServiceFolder is one of the best job management tools. Your jobs, field technicians, sales & billing, inventory management, reporting all are integrated to keep everything well organized.

Highlights of using Job Management software
  • Create and manage your jobs more efficiently
  • Track the status of jobs on your mobile and web device
  • Replace paperwork with web and mobile application
  • Replace paper with an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Easily monitor time spent on a job
  • Track unassigned and upcoming jobs
  • Set up one-time and contract (weekly, monthly, half-yearly and more) jobs
Introducing a better way to jobs dispatching

Easy for businesses to track and manage the field technician's job. Businesses can send updated job details and reminders on technician's mobile devices based on their job status, the nearest location from a new job, then add notes, photos, and parts information while on site.

Jobs & Work Orders by week view
Collect and send field data

Your field technicians can use ServiceFolder's mobile app to take pictures of jobs or parts that need to be serviced and gather all important data and send back to head office in real-time to take immediate action and provide the on-time supports to technicians. It saves the time for field techs to drive back to the office to get things done.

Mobile Job by the Field Technician