Field Service Inventory

Tracking inventory is crucial in a Field Service Industry.

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Where is your company inventory?

  • Is it in the office?
  • Is it in warehouse?
  • Is it in Tim's truck?
  • Is it in John's bag?

View inventory levels at all places whether you are in the office, at the warehouse, or on the road. ServiceFolder provides you with real-time information so you can manage vehicle inventory more effectively.

In ServiceFolder, truck or a bag can be treated as a warehouse. Technicians are attached to a set of warehouses or trucks or bag

Inward and Outward stock reports

Detail report of opening balance, inward stock and outward stock along with remaining items is shown in friendly report format. ServiceFolder also provides the date option for better understanding of the remaining stock items

inventory inward and outward stock reports

inventory transfers

Transfer items between trucks/locations easily

Technicians can easily transfer the items between vehicles and warehouses using a mobile app. Any operation is updated in real time and visible to all technicians and back office personnel

Warehouse stock report

Warehouse stock reports gives you the detailed inventory and transaction history.

warehouse stock report

inventory adjustments

Inventory Adjustments

Wheather items are stolen or damaged, ServiceFolder provides easy ways to adjust the inventory levels. Quickly increase or decrease the stock items along with a reason for doing so.

Easy data flow

Easy data linking between Purchase / Inventory / Sales / Jobs

inventory data flow between sales/jobs
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