Estimates / Quotation

Grow your field service business with professional estimates and quotes

Pre-sales work hard to get the leads and convert to customers. You need good tools to further maintain professionalism with the customer

Normally, the field technician and the office staff prepares the estimate back in the office and carries to the customer. It is a slow and error prone process. There are many emails sent back and forth between the customer and the agency.

Our software allows to create estimate and quote both by the office staff and field technicians. The field technician creates a professional estimate directly on the field. The estimates are more accurate and in accordance with the customer. Estimate is finalized and the estimate is instantly visible by the office staff for reporting and analysis purpose


Customize the ServiceFolder quote with company branding and colors

Create custom fields as required by your special business and track all the important data is one place

Customize the terms and conditions

Include discounts for line items

Make your estimates accurate with tax information

Convert Estimates into Invoice

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