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Job & Work Order Management

  • Easy scheduling & re-scheduling
  • History along with Google Map Locations
  • Custom Fields in Jobs for better data recording
  • Track Labor and Items used
  • Time Sheets for Jobs
  • Track Expenses for Jobs

Track Customer Equipment/Assets

  • Service history
  • Next service date
  • Track by physical location
  • Custom Fields - Make / Model / Serial No
  • Capture geo-location
  • Upload photos and documents
  • QRCode Scan on Mobile: Scan the code from the mobile and pull the Asset

AMC & Contracts

  • Track by expiration date
  • Create by numbers of visits
Silver Diamond

Attach Files and Images

  • Attach File: Invoice / Receipts / Quotations / Jobs
  • Mobile: Attach files at the customer location
  • Report of images by customer
  • Report of images by Invoice / Receipts / Quotations / Jobs

Invoice & Quote Customization

  • Discount in line items
  • Group tax selection
  • Stock Items & Service Items
  • Sales Executive Reports
  • Sales Area Reports
  • Line item image
  • Convert Quote into a Job

Custom Fields in all forms

  • Add your own fields in Jobs, Estimates, Time Sheet, and Invoice
  • Add text and list elements
Silver Diamond

Print Designer for all forms

  • Header & Footer customization
  • Print custom fields
  • Change layout
  • Change text colors

Customize the Automated Messages

  • Customize the text seperately for email and sms
  • Customize the action
  • Send seperate messages to customer and technicians

Track the technicians location in one map view

Calendar view of technicians schedule

  • Schedule view by Day, Week & Month
  • Drag and drop to change the schedule

Products & Services

  • Upload Images
  • Product Categories
Silver Diamond
Multiple barcodes
Sub Categories
Create bundle/kit/task: A bundle is combo of products and services
Create Pricebooks (Customer specific pricing): A pricebook is a list of products and their associated prices

Inventory Module (addon)

  • Track inventory
  • Adjust inventory in Job or Invoice
  • Adjust inventory for stolen or damaged items
  • Incoming & Outgoing item reports
  • Available stock reports
  • Warehouse/Truck stock reports

Purchase Module (addon)

  • Create purchase invoice
  • Make payments
  • Reconcile payment with invoices
  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive partial items for the purchase order
  • Make part payments for the purchase order
Silver Diamond

Projects Module (addon)

  • Attach projects in all documents
  • Project report

3rd party integration

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Stripe Payments
Whatsapp - Send reports to team members

Technician Mobile App (Android & Apple Phones)

  • Today/Overdue/Upcoming reports
  • Update Job status and schedule
  • Onsite create new Job/Sales Invoice/Estimate
  • Share notes with office staff
  • Attach files and photos
  • Record money received
  • Call and email customer directly within app
  • Send email and sms of Invoice/Estimate/Receipt
  • Customer Signature capture
Silver Diamond


  • Branchwise technicians/employees
  • Branchwise customers
  • Branchwise Invoices
  • Branchwise Quotations
  • Consolidate Sales by Branches
  • Branchwise Jobs & WorkOrder Management

Rs. 1000/branch

$ 30/branch

Customer Portal - Made for Mobile

  • Invoices
  • Jobs
  • Estimates/Quotes
  • Submit a Job/ServiceRequest
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Payment Options:

Can I purchase online?
    Yes. Pay via Stripe Payment Gateway inside the application

Can I purchase Offline?

    Yes. Use Bank Transfer (India)

Bank Name: State Bank Of India
Account Name: Veersoft Solutions Pvt Ltd
Acc No.: 30917514093
Branch Code: 012663
IFSC Code: SBIN0012663
Note: After making payment, send an email to us with details