Plumber Salary in Lowell - Massachusetts

If you’re considering a career as a plumber in Lowell, MA, you might be intrigued to know that entry-level plumbers can expect to earn around $52,000 annually. But the real question is, how does this salary evolve as you progress in your career? The journey from a novice to an expert in the plumbing industry can lead to substantial increases in income. Let’s explore the nuances of plumber salaries in Lowell to uncover the potential that lies within this profession.

Key Takeaways

  • Plumbers in Lowell earn $52,000 yearly on average.
  • Senior plumbers can make $75,000 to $90,000 annually.
  • Union plumbers in Lowell earn $60,000 to $80,000 per year.
  • Specializations like commercial projects offer competitive wages.
  • Tax obligations include a flat state tax rate of 5.1% in Massachusetts.

History of Plumber Salary in Lowell

If you’re curious about the evolution of plumber salaries in Lowell, MA, you’ll find a fascinating history of fluctuations and trends. Over the years, the compensation for plumbers in Lowell has seen significant changes influenced by various factors.

Initially, in the early 2000s, plumbers in Lowell earned a modest salary compared to today’s standards. As the construction industry boomed, the demand for skilled plumbers increased, leading to a steady rise in wages. However, during economic downturns like the 2008 recession, plumber salaries experienced a slight dip due to reduced construction projects.

In recent years, with Lowell’s economy stabilizing and infrastructure projects on the rise, plumber salaries have been steadily increasing. The average salary for plumbers in Lowell now stands at a competitive rate, reflecting the importance of their skills in the community. Factors such as experience, certifications, and specialized skills continue to play a significant role in determining plumbers’ earnings in Lowell.

Plumber salary by Hour, Week, Month and Year in Lowell

After exploring the history of plumber salaries in Lowell, MA, let’s now look at how these earnings vary by hour, week, month, and year in the city.

Below is a breakdown of plumber salaries in Lowell based on different timeframes:

TimeframeAverage Salary

As shown in the table, plumbers in Lowell earn an average of $25.00 per hour, $1,000 per week, $4,333 per month, and $52,000 per year. These figures can fluctuate based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the specific plumbing job. It’s imperative for plumbers in Lowell to take into account these different timeframes when planning their finances and budgeting. Whether you are looking for an hourly wage or an annual salary, understanding the average earnings in Lowell can help you make informed decisions about your career in the plumbing industry.

Senior level plumber earnings in Lowell

In Lowell, MA, senior level plumbers typically command higher earnings compared to their junior counterparts. With their extensive experience and advanced skills, senior plumbers in Lowell can earn an average salary of around $75,000 to $90,000 per year. These seasoned professionals are highly sought after for their expertise in handling complex plumbing systems, leading teams on projects, and providing excellent customer service.

Senior level plumbers often have specialized certifications and licenses that further enhance their earning potential. In Lowell, these certifications can include Master Plumber licenses or specialized training in areas such as green plumbing or commercial plumbing systems. With these additional qualifications, senior plumbers can demand higher hourly rates or project-based fees for their services.

Moreover, senior plumbers in Lowell may also have the opportunity to take on supervisory roles within plumbing companies or start their own plumbing businesses. By leveraging their years of experience and industry knowledge, senior plumbers can’t only increase their earnings but also contribute to the growth and success of the plumbing industry in Lowell.

Mid level plumber earnings in Lowell

Moving on from senior level plumber earnings in Lowell, mid level plumbers in the area also experience competitive salaries reflecting their skills and experience. In Lowell, mid level plumbers typically earn an average annual salary ranging from $55,000 to $75,000. These plumbers have gained a few years of experience in the field and have honed their skills to handle a variety of plumbing tasks efficiently.

Mid level plumbers in Lowell are often entrusted with more complex projects compared to junior plumbers. They’re expected to work more independently, troubleshoot issues effectively, and provide quality service to clients. With their increased responsibilities and expertise, mid level plumbers command higher salaries that acknowledge their contributions to the plumbing industry.

As a mid level plumber in Lowell, you can expect to receive competitive compensation packages that may include benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Additionally, opportunities for career growth and advancement are available for mid level plumbers who demonstrate dedication and excellence in their work.

Junior level plumber earning in Lowell

Junior plumbers in Lowell, MA typically start their careers with entry-level positions and earn an average annual salary that ranges from $35,000 to $45,000. At this stage, you’re gaining hands-on experience in the field, learning the ins and outs of plumbing systems, and honing your skills under the guidance of experienced plumbers. While your responsibilities may be more basic compared to higher-level positions, this period is essential for your growth and development as a plumber.

As a junior plumber in Lowell, you can expect to assist senior plumbers with various tasks such as installing and repairing plumbing fixtures, conducting maintenance checks, and troubleshooting issues. This hands-on experience will help you build a strong foundation for your career in the plumbing industry. Additionally, as you gain more experience and expertise, you may have the opportunity to take on more challenging projects and increase your earning potential in the future.

Starting level plumber earning in Lowell

Consider your initial salary range as a starting level plumber in Lowell, MA. As a new plumber entering the workforce in Lowell, you can expect to earn between $38,000 to $45,000 per year. This starting salary reflects your entry-level position and will increase as you gain more experience and expertise in the field.

Starting out, you may receive hourly wages ranging from $18 to $22, depending on the specific company you work for and the demand for plumbing services in the Lowell area. Keep in mind that these figures are approximate and can vary based on factors such as your skill level, certifications, and the type of plumbing projects you work on.

While starting level plumber earnings in Lowell may seem modest at first, it’s crucial to remember that this is just the beginning of a potentially lucrative career. With dedication, hard work, and a commitment to honing your craft, you can steadily increase your earning potential and advance to higher-paying positions in the plumbing industry.

Most common benefits for Plumbers in Lowell - Massachusetts

What’re the most common benefits that plumbers in Lowell, MA typically receive?

As a plumber in Lowell, you can expect to receive a range of benefits that complement your salary. One of the most common benefits is health insurance coverage, which often includes medical, dental, and vision plans. This coverage can help you and your family stay healthy and financially protected in case of any medical emergencies.

Additionally, many plumbing companies in Lowell offer retirement benefits such as 401(k) plans with employer contributions. These plans can help you save for your future and guarantee financial stability during retirement. Paid time off is another common benefit that plumbers in Lowell enjoy, allowing you to take time off for vacations, sick days, or personal reasons without losing income.

Furthermore, some plumbing companies in Lowell provide additional perks like disability insurance, life insurance, and wellness programs to support your overall well-being. These benefits can enhance your job satisfaction and make your career as a plumber in Lowell even more rewarding.

What is the highest paying plumbing job in Lowell - Massachusetts

The highest paying plumbing job in Lowell, MA offers competitive wages and opportunities for career advancement. As a skilled plumber specializing in commercial plumbing projects, you can expect to earn top dollar in this field. With experience and expertise, you could land a position as a plumbing project manager, overseeing large-scale projects and leading a team of plumbers. These managerial roles not only come with higher pay but also offer the chance to take on more responsibilities and showcase your leadership skills.

In Lowell, MA, plumbing contractors who work on complex industrial projects such as factories or manufacturing plants tend to earn considerably more than those in residential or smaller commercial settings. By focusing on industrial plumbing installations and repairs, you can command a higher salary due to the specialized knowledge and skills required for these types of projects. Additionally, plumbing inspectors in Lowell, MA also enjoy lucrative salaries as they play an important role in ensuring that plumbing systems meet all safety and regulatory standards.

How much do union plumbers make in Lowell - Massachusetts

Union plumbers in Lowell, MA typically earn competitive wages that reflect their specialized skills and training. As a union plumber in Lowell, you can expect to make around $30 to $40 per hour, with the average annual salary ranging from $60,000 to $80,000. These figures may vary based on your level of experience, certifications, and the specific union agreements in place. Union plumbers often receive additional benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off, which add to the overall compensation package.

Being a union plumber not only provides you with a stable income but also offers opportunities for career advancement and ongoing training to keep up with industry standards. With the demand for skilled plumbers on the rise, union members in Lowell benefit from job security and the potential for increased earning potential over time. Overall, being a union plumber in Lowell comes with financial rewards that recognize your expertise and dedication to the trade.

How much tax will you have to pay as a Union Plumber in Lowell - Massachusetts

As a union plumber in Lowell, MA, your tax obligations will depend on your total income and filing status. Massachusetts has a progressive income tax system with rates ranging from 5% to 12%. Additionally, there’s a flat state tax rate of 5.1% on most types of income.

Federal taxes will also apply to your income as a union plumber. The federal income tax rates range from 10% to 37%, depending on your income level and filing status. You may also be subject to additional Medicare and Social Security taxes, which are typically around 7.65% of your income.

It’s important to take into account deductions and credits that you may be eligible for, such as the standard deduction, mortgage interest deduction, and child tax credit. These can help reduce your overall tax liability as a union plumber in Lowell, MA. To accurately calculate your taxes, consider consulting with a tax professional or using tax software to navigate the complexities of the tax system.

Similar titles to Plumbers and their Salaries in Lowell - Massachusetts

To explore additional job titles and their corresponding salaries in Lowell, MA, consider looking beyond the specific designation of a union plumber. In Lowell, various roles in the plumbing industry offer different opportunities and salary ranges. Here are some similar titles to plumbers and their average annual salaries in Lowell, MA:

Job TitleAverage Salary ($)
Plumbing Foreman$68,210
Plumbing Supervisor$74,590

Pipefitters in Lowell earn an average salary of around $59,030 per year. If you’re aiming for a more supervisory role, becoming a Plumbing Foreman might be a good option, with an average annual salary of $68,210. For those looking for even higher positions, a Plumbing Supervisor in Lowell can expect to earn around $74,590 annually. These roles offer varying levels of responsibility and leadership within the plumbing industry, providing opportunities for career growth and increased earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Job Prospects for Plumbers in Lowell - Massachusetts?

Looking for plumbing work in Lowell, MA? Job prospects for plumbers in Lowell are promising due to ongoing construction projects and the need for maintenance services. A skilled plumber can find opportunities in various sectors.

Are There Any Specialized Certifications That Can Increase a Plumber’s Salary in Lowell?

To increase your plumber’s salary in Lowell, consider obtaining specialized certifications. These credentials showcase your expertise and can lead to higher-paying opportunities. Research which certifications are in demand in your area to boost earnings.

How Do Plumbers in Lowell Negotiate Their Pay Rates?

When negotiating your pay rates as a plumber in Lowell, emphasize your experience, skills, and any specialized certifications you hold. Research industry standards, present your case confidently, and be willing to discuss and negotiate for fair compensation.

Is There a Demand for Emergency Plumbers in Lowell - Massachusetts?

In Lowell, MA, emergency plumbers are in high demand. Water-related issues can’t wait, and customers need quick solutions. Be ready to tackle urgent calls at odd hours. Your skills can save the day.

Do Plumbers in Lowell Receive Bonuses or Incentives for Exceptional Work?

Plumbers in Lowell may receive bonuses or incentives for outstanding work. Your dedication and skill could be rewarded with extra perks, encouraging exceptional performance in the industry. Keep up the great work!


To sum up, as a plumber in Lowell, MA, you have the opportunity to earn a competitive salary based on your experience and expertise.

With the stable economy and demand for infrastructure projects in the area, there’s potential for growth and career advancement in the plumbing industry.

So, seize your wrench and immerse yourself in the pipeline of success, where your earnings can flow like a steady stream of prosperity.

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