Plumber Salary in Augusta - Georgia

You might not be aware that the range of salaries for plumbers in Augusta, GA varies greatly depending on various factors. Curious to find out how these earnings stack up and what opportunities exist for further growth in this field?

Key Takeaways

  • Average annual salaries in Augusta have increased steadily over the years, reaching $50,000 in 2020.
  • Plumbers in Augusta can earn between $38,400 and $67,200 annually, with variations based on experience and certifications.
  • Senior level plumbers with advanced skills can earn $70,000 - $90,000 yearly, including supervisory roles and problem-solving abilities.
  • Union plumbers in Augusta have an average salary range of $56,000 - $78,000 per year, with benefits and training opportunities.
  • Specialized opportunities like working on large-scale projects or as a plumbing contractor offer higher earnings and career advancement.

History of Plumber Salary in Augusta

The history of plumber salaries in Augusta shows a steady increase over the past decade. Back in 2010, plumbers in Augusta were earning an average annual salary of around $40,000. However, as the demand for skilled plumbers grew, so did the salaries. By 2015, the average annual salary had risen to approximately $45,000. This upward trend continued, with plumbers in Augusta seeing a further increase in their average annual salary to $50,000 by 2020.

This rise in plumber salaries can be attributed to various factors. The construction industry in Augusta experienced a boom, leading to a greater need for plumbing services. Additionally, the skill and expertise required in the plumbing profession also played a role in driving up salaries. As plumbers became more specialized and in-demand, their earning potential naturally increased.

Plumber salary by Hour, Week, Month and Year in Augusta

In Augusta, plumbers earn varying salaries per hour, week, month, and year. The table below outlines the approximate earnings based on different timeframes.

TimeframeSalary Range
Hour$20 - $35
Week$800 - $1400
Month$3200 - $5600
Year$38,400 - $67,200

As shown in the table, the hourly wages for plumbers in Augusta typically range from $20 to $35. On a weekly basis, plumbers can expect to earn between $800 and $1400. This translates to a monthly salary range of $3200 to $5600. Annually, plumbers in Augusta can earn anywhere from $38,400 to $67,200. Keep in mind that these figures can vary based on factors such as experience, additional certifications, and the specific plumbing company one works for. If you are considering a career in plumbing in Augusta, understanding these salary ranges can provide valuable insights into your potential earnings.

Senior level plumber earnings in Augusta

Considering your experience and expertise as a plumber in Augusta, senior level earnings can greatly exceed the average salary ranges previously mentioned. Senior plumbers in Augusta, with their advanced skills and knowledge, typically earn around $70,000 to $90,000 per year. These professionals have spent years honing their craft, specializing in complex plumbing systems, leading teams, and managing projects efficiently.

At the senior level, plumbers in Augusta often take on supervisory roles, overseeing the work of other plumbers and ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards. With their wealth of experience, they’re sought after for their problem-solving abilities and ability to tackle challenging tasks with ease.

Senior plumbers are valued not only for their technical skills but also for their mentorship and guidance to junior plumbers. Their years of experience allow them to provide insights and solutions that are invaluable to the success of plumbing projects. In Augusta, senior plumbers command respect for their expertise and play a vital role in the plumbing industry.

Mid level plumber earnings in Augusta

With mid-level plumbing experience in Augusta, your annual earnings typically range from $45,000 to $60,000. At this stage in your plumbing career, you have likely gained a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that allow you to take on more complex tasks and projects. Your expertise in troubleshooting, repairing, and installing plumbing systems is valued in the industry, reflecting in your salary range.

Plumbers with mid-level experience in Augusta can expect to earn competitive wages that reflect their expertise and reliability. With a salary between $45,000 and $60,000, you’re compensated well for your hard work and dedication to the craft. Your earnings can vary based on factors such as the size of the plumbing company you work for, the specific projects you’re involved in, and your level of specialization within the field.

As a mid-level plumber in Augusta, you’re positioned to continue growing in your career and increasing your earning potential as you gain more experience and expertise in the industry.

Junior level plumber earning in Augusta

Entering the plumbing industry at a junior level in Augusta can offer a starting salary that typically ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 annually. As a junior plumber in Augusta, you can expect to earn an average of around $35,000 per year. This salary range reflects your position as someone new to the field, likely with limited experience but enthusiastic to learn and grow within the plumbing industry.

Junior plumbers in Augusta often assist more experienced plumbers with tasks such as installing and repairing plumbing systems, fixtures, and appliances. While your main focus may be on learning the ropes and gaining hands-on experience, your salary is still an essential aspect to take into account. The compensation you receive at this level not only reflects your current skills but also the potential for growth and advancement in the future.

Moreover, as you gain more experience and expertise in the field, opportunities for advancement to higher-paying positions become more attainable. So, starting as a junior plumber in Augusta not only provides you with a solid foundation but also sets you on a path for career development and increased earning potential in the plumbing industry.

Starting level plumber earning in Augusta

Starting as a new plumber in Augusta can lead to an initial salary range of $30,000 to $40,000 annually. This starting salary may vary based on factors such as experience, certifications, and the specific company you work for. As a beginner in the plumbing industry in Augusta, you can expect to earn a competitive wage that reflects your entry-level status.

While $30,000 to $40,000 per year may be the average starting salary for plumbers in Augusta, some individuals may earn slightly more or less depending on their individual circumstances. Keep in mind that as you gain experience and skills in the field, your earning potential is likely to increase. Many plumbers find that with time and dedication to their craft, they can advance to higher-paying positions within the industry.

Starting out at this salary range provides a solid foundation for your career as a plumber in Augusta and sets you on a path towards potentially earning more as you progress in your field.

Most common benefits for Plumbers in Augusta - Georgia

As a plumber in Augusta, GA, you can typically expect to receive a range of common benefits that complement your salary. These benefits often include health insurance coverage, which can help offset medical expenses for you and your family.

Many plumbing companies in Augusta also provide retirement plans such as 401(k) options, allowing you to save for the future. Paid time off is another common benefit, giving you the opportunity to take vacations or sick days without losing income.

Some employers may offer additional perks like dental and vision coverage to enhance your overall wellbeing. Training and professional development opportunities are often provided to help you enhance your skills and advance in your career.

Lastly, some plumbing companies in Augusta offer bonuses or profit-sharing programs based on performance, providing extra financial incentives. These benefits help create a well-rounded compensation package for plumbers in Augusta, making the profession even more rewarding.

What is the highest paying plumbing job in Augusta - Georgia

In Augusta, GA, the pinnacle of the plumbing profession lies in securing roles that offer the highest remuneration. As a plumber aiming for the top-paying job in Augusta, consider pursuing opportunities in specialized fields such as industrial plumbing. Industrial plumbers often work on large-scale projects like manufacturing plants or industrial complexes, commanding higher salaries due to the complexity and scale of the systems they handle.

Another lucrative avenue is becoming a plumbing contractor. By establishing your own plumbing contracting business, you not only get to set your rates but also have the potential to earn considerably more than a salaried plumber. Additionally, positions in high-end residential plumbing can also be among the top-paying jobs in Augusta. These roles involve working on luxury properties where clients are willing to pay a premium for high-quality plumbing services.

To reach the summit of the plumbing profession in Augusta, explore these avenues that offer the highest compensation.

How much do union plumbers make in Augusta - Georgia

Union plumbers in Augusta, GA typically earn competitive wages compared to non-union counterparts. The average salary for union plumbers in Augusta is around $56,000 to $78,000 per year. This range can vary based on factors such as experience, certifications, and the specific union they belong to. Union plumbers often receive benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off in addition to their base salary.

Being a union plumber can also provide opportunities for additional training and skill development, which can lead to higher pay scales. Union plumbers in Augusta may also benefit from collective bargaining agreements that help guarantee fair compensation for their work.

How much tax will you have to pay as a Union Plumber in Augusta - Georgia

With tax rates varying based on income levels and deductions, calculating the exact amount you’ll pay as a union plumber in Augusta, GA can be influenced by several factors. In Augusta, GA, union plumbers are subject to federal income tax, state income tax, and FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) taxes.

Federal income tax rates range from 10% to 37% depending on income levels, while Georgia state income tax rates range from 1% to 5.75%. Additionally, FICA taxes consist of Social Security tax at 6.2% and Medicare tax at 1.45%.

As a union plumber in Augusta, GA, you can also benefit from various deductions and credits that may lower your overall tax liability. Common deductions for plumbers may include expenses for tools, work-related travel, union dues, and continuing education. Taking advantage of these deductions can help reduce the amount of taxes you owe, ultimately increasing your take-home pay.

It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional to make sure you’re maximizing your tax savings as a union plumber in Augusta, GA.

Similar titles to Plumbers and their Salaries in Augusta - Georgia

Consider exploring job titles similar to plumbers and their corresponding salaries in Augusta, GA to gain a thorough understanding of the industry’s earning potential. Here are some related job titles and their average annual salaries in Augusta:

Job TitleAverage Salary ($)
Plumber Assistant$31,720
HVAC Technician$46,320

Exploring these positions can provide insight into the various roles within the plumbing industry and their respective salary ranges. A Pipefitter in Augusta earns an average of $52,860 per year, showcasing a potentially higher salary than a traditional plumber. On the other hand, a Plumber Assistant earns around $31,720 annually, offering an entry-level position with room for growth. HVAC Technicians, while not solely focused on plumbing, also work with piping systems and earn an average salary of $46,320. Understanding the salaries associated with these related job titles can help you make informed decisions about your career path in the plumbing industry in Augusta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Job Prospects for Plumbers in Augusta - Georgia?

In Augusta, GA, job prospects for plumbers are promising due to ongoing demand for skilled professionals. You can expect steady work opportunities and potential for growth in this field, making it a solid career choice.

Are There Any Specialized Areas of Plumbing That Pay Higher in Augusta?

If you’re looking to specialize in plumbing in Augusta, some areas like medical gas installation or green plumbing can pay higher. Research these niches to find the best fit for your skills and goals.

How Does the Cost of Living in Augusta Affect Plumber Salaries?

Living costs in Augusta can impact plumber salaries. Your earnings may need to align with the area’s expenses for housing, utilities, and daily needs. Consider this while negotiating pay to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Do Plumbers in Augusta Receive Bonuses or Incentives?

In Augusta, plumbers often receive bonuses or incentives such as performance-based rewards or referral bonuses. These extra perks can motivate you to excel in your work and can boost your overall income.

Are There Opportunities for Career Advancement in the Plumbing Industry in Augusta?

In Augusta, there are many opportunities for career advancement in the plumbing industry. You can expand your skills, move into supervisory roles, or even start your own business. The field offers growth and development.


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Keep climbing that salary ladder and watch your hard work pay off!

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