Job Management: Receipt / Quotes / Invoicing

Creating receipts, quotes, and invoicing has become a time-consuming and tedious task for the SMBs. Going out in the field, creating receipts, coming back to the office to confirm and send the quotes to the customer consumes a lot of time. It creates a furor among the businesses when they have differences over the price with customers as they have to quote and create receipts manually.

ServiceFolder's job management software enables the technicians to create the professional-looking receipt and send them directly to customers by email. Sales invoice created on the field also sync with office staff in real-time for reporting and printing when required. SMBs can create a new receipt anytime if there is an error reported in the quotation.

ServiceFolder Customer Equipment

Highlights of ServiceFolder's Quotes, Receipts, and Invoicing

  • Fully customized designed
  • Add your business logo and terms & conditions
  • Works on both mobile and desktop
  • Create part or full payment receipts and invoices

Create Customized Quote

SMBs can create quotes fast. Select from preset labor rates and standard parts, or add job-specific items. ServiceFolder provides benefits to SMBs to modify the quotes many times over product price or labor rates differences or any reason.

SMBs can create customized quotes to their customers based on discounts, unit price and more.

ServiceFolder Customer Equipment

Make great professional impression

Handwritten receipts can be hard to read and businesses can misplace them, leading to misunderstandings and delays. Also, it is difficult for a business to keep the billing records updated. With our professional digital invoice and receipts, you can accept partial amounts for the same invoice.

Create Your First Invoice

Your first step before creating the first invoice will be

  • Create your Customer by clicking on the Master's menu
  • Configure your products by clicking on the products menu
  • Configure the taxes required for your business by clicking on the taxes menu

SMBs can create one or many invoices for single or multiple services offered to their clients.

Businesses can choose the price from preset standard rates or customized rates to create Invoice much faster.

Manual Vs ServiceFolder's Invoice
ServiceFolder Customer Equipment
ServiceFolder Customer Equipment

Convert Invoices into Receipts

Once the job has been completed, create an invoice. It’s just a couple of clicks away to turn the Invoices into Receipts in ServiceFolder.

Create Receipts Faster

Receipts are used to receive money from customers. Creating a receipt has become much faster with ServiceFolder by choosing the sales invoice of the customer. You can create a single receipt for many invoices in ServiceFolder. Creating receipts has become quick and easy.

ServiceFolder Customer Equipment

Send receipts immediately

Take the receipt print for your record and send mail immediately to your customer.

ServiceFolder Customer Equipment